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S.E.I.K.O Đồng Hồ S.e.i.k.o Presage SPB059J1
S.E.I.K.O Đồng Hồ S.e.i.k.o Presage SPB059J1 1
S.E.I.K.O Đồng Hồ S.e.i.k.o Presage SPB059J1 2
S.E.I.K.O Đồng Hồ S.e.i.k.o Presage SPB059J1 3
S.E.I.K.O Đồng Hồ S.e.i.k.o Presage SPB059J1 4

S.E.I.K.O Đồng Hồ S.e.i.k.o Presage SPB059J1

Mã SP: 064VP/MEN/152

Đồng Hồ S.e.i.k.o Presage SPB059J1
MSP: 064VP/MEN/152
Thương hiệu: SEIKO
Xuất xứ thương hiệu: Nhật Bản
Loại máy: Automatic (Máy cơ tự động)
Phong cách: Hiện đại
Giới tính: Nam
Kính: Sapphire chống lóa
Kiểu dáng: Mặt tròn
Màu mặt: Trắng
VỏThép không gỉ 316L
Dây: Dây da
Đường kính: 40.5mm
Độ dày: 13.1mm
Độ chịu nước: 100m
Thông tin khác: Lịch ngày, kim báo năng lượng
Bảo hành Quốc tế1 năm quốc tế
Bảo hành Niceshop 5 Năm ( Đã bao gồm bảo hành Quốc tế ).
Giá NiceShop: 19.800.000 vnđ
Giá thị trường >25tr.

19,800,000đ (>=0 Cái)

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In the early 1910s, the Japanese watch manufacturer had debuted its first mechanical watch. In continuation of its development, Seiko has launched its automatic calibre in 1950s, along with its own marvel, which is the creation of its shock absorbing system for the movement; known as the "Diashock" system.

Seiko has gone through a decade of refinining and developing its mechanical watchmaking skills. This had led to the creation of Seiko's own all-mechanical collection; the Presage.

In the Presage line consist of Seiko’s leading mechanical watch collection, like the calibre 4R, 6R and 8R, and today we introduced to you the latest model; the Presage Karesansui Power Reserve White Ref.SPB059J1.

Seiko SPB059J1 with power reserve indicator and sub-date display

The Seiko Presage Karesansui Power Reserve White Ref. SPB059J1 (JDM ref. SARW025) is a great balance between quality and its price point. Where it preserve the precision of timekeeping with an elegant touch on its asthetics, like for instant, its unique pattern dial that we will discussed shortly.

As it is an exclusive JDM in the Presage line, the SRPB059J1 is powered by Seiko's 6R automatic caliber, the 6R27 operates at 28,800 BPH (4 Hertzs) with hacking and hand winding capabilities, which is the same caliber used in the Urushi SARW013. It has 29 jewels with a power reserve of 45 hours through a Spron 510 mainspring.

The main difference from the SRPC79J1 is the placements of the additional power reserve indicator and sub date display, located at 9 and 6 o'clock respectively. Both the date subdial and power reserve indicator are deep set into the dial, while leaving each indications unimpeded when viewing. This is a very high level of fine finishing is demonstrated again in this presage model.

Polished and satin-brushed finishing on the elegant case

A gentlemen’s mechanical watch like the SRPB059J1, can be worn for any ocasion and feel proud of it especially for it's uncanny resemblence to its predigre “Grand Seiko” cousins. Part of the Presage lineup of dress watches, means that this is a step above the Spirit collection(SARB033) in terms of built and finishing. The SRPB059J1 is fitted in a modest 40.5mm case with an average profile of 13mm thick (with the additional complications). This stainless steel case is then fully polished to give it a more fancy look from the 50s. However, once it is paired with its mocha brown genuine alligator leather strap, the elegancy is brought forth for the wearer when he or she straps it on for any formal ocassions.

Unique Karesansui (Japanese Zen Garden) pattern dial, w/ snailed sub-date display

Now comes the main highlight, the white glossy textured dial is where Seiko's link of their prowness in combining watchmaking with its tradition and culture. The dial has a vertical tuxedo pattern with ribbing patterns that reflects the depth of a traditional japanese rock garden (known as zen garden); Karesansui. 

A brief elaboration of Karesansui, it is Japanese's rock gardens existed since early 794AD, where it consist a natural landscape arrangements of rocks and water features and bushes. The main jizz of them is having a special flooring design that uses gravel or sand that is raked to represent ripples in water.

The Karesansui dial coupled with arabic indexes is intricate. Another detail worth mentioning are the feuille (leaf-style) hands. And to top it all, the domed-shape curved sapphire crystal that is a nod to retroness, while letting wearer to glance for time easily in any lighting conditions. One can easily spend hours looking at the watch to admire the intricate details that Seiko has put into this excellent dress watch.

JDM 6R27 automatic movement

While Japan is a land with a longstanding cultural history and they value their tradition till today, even in design and manufacturing values. The Presage Karesansui Power Reserve White Ref. SRPB059J1 is an everyday style dress watch that is reasonably price, where it belongs in this tradition, and is also where Seiko combines their manufacturing capabilities with Japan's own everlasting culture.

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